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"Writing with Drew was one of the most magical and mystical experiences I've ever had"
-Phoebe Snow

Drew Yowell is a producer, songwriter and artist who has worked with legends like Phoebe Snow, David Lasley, Desmond Child, David Benoit, Dae Bennett, and Herb Alpert, and he has played guitar for Sophie B. Hawkins and Kristin Hoffmann, among many others.

Drew was recently nominated for his original composition on an MTV pro social promo campaign and continues to compose and produce music for MTV, VH1, LOGO, and Centric, as wel as other companies through his partnership with EarShock. Drew was also a top 20 Finalist in the 2007 American Idol Songwriter Contest for the song titled "Secrets and Lies" co-written with fellow artist Byron Zanos. (Drew produced 2 albums for Zanos). Drew also co-wrote 2 songs with the late Phoebe Snow including the title track to her final release “Natural Wonder".  The song also appears on Phoebe's  2008 "Live" release. Phoebe Snow described the songs that she and Drew wrote as "Two of the most beautiful songs I've ever written with anyone”.

As a producer, Drew works his magic in a modest but highly effective home studio, then finishes up at the legendary Grammy winning BENNETT STUDIOS.  Drew has raised the bar for independent productions working with Byron Zanos; "Somewhere in the Middle" (2005) and "Still in a Fight" (2007) and John Taglieri's "Wide Awake and Dreaming" (2007)

As a solo artist - Drew has brought people to their feet with his emotional performances from NY to Nashville - Summer of 2008 Drew was booked for a series of shows at Jones Beach Amphitheater playing the WaMu festival stage before headliners such as James Taylor, Cheap Trick, Aerosmith, Chicago, Peter Frampton, Journey and Rod Stewart, among many others.

As a songwriter - Drew continues to hone his craft with both solo material and songs co-written with fellow songwriter such as Ari Hest, May Cheung, Billy Sideman, among others.. Drew Yowell has a unique ability to capture different styles, utilizing his wealth of experience and vast talents. 


MTV/MTV2 promo: "Black History Month" 2012

MTV Promo: "Human Trafficking" 2010/2011

MTV promo: "A Thin Line" 2010

BET documentary "SOS" 2007

Spike TV documentary "Boston PD," 2006

MTV promos (various) 2006

Film: "The Promised Land" 2002

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